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To our loyal Saucy readers, we are SO sorry about our absence. Although we don’t have a full post for you today, we do have some very exciting news. As you know, we are seniors at Columbia University and to celebrate our upcoming graduation, Columbia threw us a big bash. At last night’s Senior Dinner we not only had a great time socializing with our classmates, but we also got to spend some QT with the Dean of Columbia College, Austin Quigley. Amanda has had a bit of a past with Quigley (most notably a photo taken in the lobby of Hamilton Hall on Halloween…Amanda was dressed as a cowgirl, naturally.) but this was Christina’s first encounter. After some intelligent conversation, a few fits of giggles, and general bonding, we slipped in a plug for Saucy. Quigley not only suggested that we make Trifle in honor of him but also gave us some words of widsom: “Now that you have a blog together, you’ll be friends forever.” Right he is! Stay tuned, Saucy will be back in action shortly. KITN.



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